On 16 May, APPETD hosted a workshop in Johannesburg to discuss the Open Learning Policy framework document, which was released by DHET in April for public comment. Dr Jody Cedras provided a clear outline of the contents and purpose of the policy, and led a discussion regarding the concerns of private providers as to the requirements, impact and outcomes of the policy.
The function of the Open Learning Policy is to produce an enabling environment for learners within the context of Post School Education and Training. This document provides a strategy to provide increased access to high quality, cost effective education and training that is inclusive, and in line with national skills shortages, through alternate and innovative modes of delivery. Achieving this goal by means of an Open Learning approach presents opportunities as well as challenges that are new to many private providers, and delegates engaged in interactive dialogue to better understand and define providers’ roles and responsibilities in taking up these opportunities.
Opinions and concerns shared included perceived gaps in the policy and questions around capacity for quality control and implementation. The importance of collaboration amongst private providers was emphasised, especially with regards to transferring credits across institutions, and sharing of resources.
Further workshops will be held in Durban on 26 May and Cape Town on 31 May. Once the workshops have concluded, APPETD will compile the comments of private providers and submit these to DHET for consideration.
DHET_Open Learning Policy_201704

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