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As part of the commerce section of APPETD, we have entered into an agreement to supply NATED-course textbooks to our members at a preferential rate and through a streamlined order process via APPETD.

Download and complete the order form below and send your order in to

Our Helpdesk Administrator, Alida Botes, will be in contact to verify your order and confirm the process.



APPETD Tuition Surety Scheme


As per regulatory requirement private providers seeking registration as higher education institutions must obtain a bank guarantee. The regulatory requirement ensures higher education institutions meet learner’s obligations in the event of unforeseen closure.

Taking the private providers interest at heart, APPETD provides a unique solution in form of a Surety Guarantee, without the requirement of collateral.


APPETD Tuition Surety Scheme exclusive benefits are as follows:

No collateral compared to bank guarantees- reducing the cost of surety.

The fourth year is free should institutions have three claims-free years with the scheme.

Fulfills regulatory requirements.

Surety valid for a calendar year (January to December).

For general queries on the Surety Scheme, contact: Helen Kempson on | 011 791 5463 | 086 617 8703

For direct access to APPETD Surety Scheme Consultants at MARSH AFRICA contact:

Kavil Singh| | 011 060 7630 | 071 600 8049 


APPETD member organisations interested in recruiting via the APPETD website are invited to contact to discuss requirements and options.

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