APPETD was established in 1997 as an alliance of the Association of Private Colleges of South Africa (APCSA), Association of Private Distance Colleges (APDEC), Association of Technical Providers (ATP), and INPROV. APPETD has a profound understanding of the different forms of education provisioning in South Africa. APPETD renders services that are specifically aimed at the needs and interests of its members and private providers as a whole. The specific needs include face to face, distance learning, Adult Basic Education (ABET), Early childhood Development (ECD), and Health Education.

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BUSA wins court case against the Minister of Higher Education and Training - SETA Grant Regulations

From the Desk of the CEO

  1. This morning the Labour Court handed down judgment in the case brought by BUSA to review and set aside certain aspects of the SETA Grant Regulations. Specifically BUSA challenged the decision to reduce the mandatory grant to 20% and to permit the sweep of unspent SETA funds to the National Skills Fund. In the Labour Court judgment handed down today, BUSA’s arguments were upheld and the SETA Grant Regulations providing for both of these matters were declared invalid and set aside. 
  2. The Court did, however, suspend the effect of the Order of invalidity until 31 March 2016. The reason for this was to avoid the complicated consequences of undoing the payments that have been made since the Regulations were introduced and to give the State and SETAs an opportunity to prepare to revert to the previous Grant Regulations in these respects. 
  3. The Court also ordered the Minister to pay all of BUSA’s costs in the matter. 
  4. It remains possible that the Minister may apply for Leave to Appeal against the judgement but we are hopeful that the judgment, which decides these questions very definitively and authoritatively, may resolve the issue and that the Skills Development funding will be dealt with in future on a basis that enjoys the support and consensus of all of the social partners. 
Thanks for your financial and technical support throughout this process, I will continue to update you on developments going forward.

Kind Regards
Cynthia Reynders

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Provisional Skill Development Forum – Gauteng report


Dear Colleagues

As you are aware APPETD is represented on, inter alia, the PSDF – Gauteng where we look after the interest of private providers.

I attended the workshop held on the 17th April 2015 and was motivated by the interesting discussion around skill development and the various platforms of access thereto. The need to utilise the service of private providers  for an ever increasing demand of skills that will ensure employability was  mentioned on more than one occasion and hence our role is becoming much more important in delivering  QUALITY EDUCATION AND TRAINING that is MEASURABLE  by means of the THROUGHPUT RATE  and the final mark of distinction is the EMPLOYABILITY of the graduate. Please find attached the workshop report.

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